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Discover an unimagined you, a divinely connected you that is whole, happy, peaceful, fulfilled, healed; a you that expresses unconditional love.

You can live from a place of wholeness, power and certainty.
You can love from a place of unconditional love.

Unsure about the next step in your life; in the midst of transition; have relationship concerns, family or professional issues; looking for a better way to live your life; experiencing a spiritual crisis; or simply seeking direction?

If you are looking for spiritual direction and have been considering working with a coach or a counselor; if you are looking for a workshop that can help you connect with a richer sense of self; if you are looking for a healing art for your personal benefit or as a profession; or are looking for inspiration, support, or someone committed to listening to and supporting you, I can help.

Fundamental to all my work with you is my acknowledgement of your innate completeness and  commitment to an awakening of that pure Wholeness.

As a result of working with one or more Wisdom's Path options   
you can expect to experience substantial shifts in yourself leading to changes in your approach to whatever circumstances bring you to me...
or in the circumstances themselves.


 Wisdom's Path
              with Dijana Winter, M.Ed.                                                   

Dijana Winter, M.Ed.


Workshops for Women:

Wisdom's Path Reiki

Wisdom's Path to Wholeness, Joy & Inner-Peace

Health & Healing through A Course in Miracles